Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank God....seriously....for crafts. Although I mostly knit and spin yarn, this quilt has captivated my mind (and my cat as you can see) lately. I love blue and brown and green, all some of my favorite colors. And there's something about making a quilt- putting together the squares and placing the colors, that soothes the soul. And the colors can brighten any blue day. And I have had a few of those lately. Today was somewhat lovely though. I took the day off on a Monday, which was great because I was able to get so much done when life is quieter outside. I accompanied my 86 year old grandfather to a doctor's appointment. I am so amazed lately at the different personalities doctors have, and how they handle themselves during conversations. Today's topic was my ailing grandfather's health, competing with his equally strong desire for independence, which seem to be in constant conflict with one another. I am a nursing home administrator, and I took interest in how this doctor posed questions to me that I thought were rather clever. For instance, "What is it you think would benefit your grandfather by living in an assisted living setting? It really made me think about why exactly I think he needs help. It's so hard to determine when exactly is the time to step in and "help" a family member out. There are so many feelings and factors and dynamics that enter into the equation. While I'm figuring it all out, in the meantime...there's quilting, with beautiful blues and browns, adorned with kitties.

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