Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doing the right thing

Seems to be a trend in my life lately....whether it's taking care of my grandparents' needs or doing right by animals. Last night, I went to take the dog outside, and I watched as she went up to something and it moved. Looking closer, I saw that it was a little bird, scurrying away under the touch of Kula's nose. I then saw that it was hurt- it sat facing the garage door and didn't fly away. Ever the animal lover that I am, I went inside to get my husband. And being the animal lover that he is, he suggested that perhaps we call a vet. So I pondered this for a minute, then said, what the heck, it's just a call. But before we decided to give the bird a little comfort, so Bruce went and got a box and put a towel and some tissue in it- he picked up the bird who didn't even flinch, although it did peep once inside the box. He put the towel up around it so it wouldn't be cold too.

So I called my vet, and it just so happened that a total bird lover veterinarian was working last night. She began to tell me all about places that rehab birds, that she's from Salem and knows of two really good places but at this hour they probably wouldn't take it, and oh by the way what kind of bird is it because they don't take finches or sparrows. I was surprised that we were talking as long as we were at all about a little bird from our yard, and she recommended that I call Dove Lewis as they would surely know what to do about the bird. So I did. And wouldn't you know that birds are considered wards of the state as state wildlife- and that when the Audabon Society is closed Dove Lewis is authorized and takes all such birds into the care during the off hours. Again surprised, I then went and relayed all of this to Bruce. So there we are at 8 pm loading up the little bird into our car and driving it to Dove Lewis. Once we got there they gave the bird a number, took it in the back, asked the address it was found, and sent us on our way saying we could call later and check on its status. We left with little smiles in our hearts, Bruce saying, "Now don't you feel good that we gave one of God's little creatures a chance? If you were a bird wouldn't you want someone to pick you up?" It did feel good. Later on we checked on the bird and it was still there.

This morning we called to check to see if it made it to the audabon society and were told "it was DOA" however we distinctly saw it open its mouth and cheep as we handed it over. In any case, it was most definitely the right thing to do- and I'm glad of this Saturday night memory......also a small reminder why I love my husband so much. :)

And the little sparrow went over the rainbow bridge to birdie heaven.